Energise Social Media Digest Vol 1 No 1

Social Media Digest

Energise Social Media Digest Vol 1 No 1


Every few weeks we will bring you a short summary of the best and most recent online articles providing good insight into the rapidly changing world of social media. Please feel free to submit your own articles for inclusion in the comment box below.

Insightful Articles

Brands should tighten grip on social media by beginning to take it seriously
Sound advice covering engagement roles and responsibilities. Social media engagement is too important to be lefted to the Marketing Department or outsourced to an agency.

Kanye West and How Twitter Has Changed the Way We Communicate

How one rapper used Twitter for reputation management and to say sorry.

5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location-Based Deals
Location-based services, such as Foursquare and Gowalla, provide exciting opportunities for SMEs.

The Top 10 Viral Ads of All Time
From Ad Age – interesting analysis and commentary on the top 10 viral ads of all time with links to the actual videos.

Top 7 Brand Stories With Major Social-Media Buzz
Another one from Ad Age – their new weekly chart covering the social media buzz being created about major brands

Everything Old Is New Again
An excellent article on how brand loyality was built in the old days. Same principles apply in social media – only the technology has changed

#ChangeMarketing: Shift Perspectives #2 Is Out
New book and web site on changing the face of marketing

Accenture’s Report: High Performance in Insurance with Social Media.
Insurers seeking high performance should integrate social media within their customer,channel and workforce strategies.

Facebook Fans and Brands: Not a Two-Way Street
This article raises important questions for all facebook marketers. ”70% of consumers who FANNED a brand on Facebook didn’t feel they’d given the company permission to market to them.”

A lot of consumers are social media fans of travel, but not travel companies
The most recent PhoCusWright study of social media and its impact on the travel industry.

‘Chief Listeners’ Use Technology to Track, Sort Company Mentions
How leadng brands are beginning to monitor social media conversations.

Are “reputation” scores a waste of time or simply misunderstood?
Your online brand reputation is emerging as a major ‘driver’ of future business success, but how do we monitor and measure social media brand reputation and influence. How reliable and useful are the current stats?

How CEOs Will Use Social Media in the Future
Social media use by the next generation of CEOs

Some ‘How To’ Articles

Tips for writing SEO-friendly blogs
How to tell if your company is advanced: 10 criteria of social business maturity
How companies can use sentiment analysis to improve their business

Guide to facebook insights
How Social Media Can Help Organic SEO : 2 Case Studies
How to respond when social media attacks your brand

Some Recent Social Media Trends

U.S. Social Media Marketing Budgets Rise Slowly
Older Adults Nearly Double Social Media Presence
Twitter Usage on the Rise

Jim and Alan

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  1. Graham Webb says:

    Interesting and useful – thank you

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