Webcast: How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

BrightTalk Social Media WebcastUsed effectively, social media can help to break down many of the business growth barriers facing SMEs. However, the key term here is ‘used effectively’. In the rush to become ‘cool and funky’, many SMEs have established social media channels without thinking strategically. What are our core business objectives for social media? How will we measure social media performance and ROI? Do we have the time and resource to fully support the channels we have established? What team do we need in place to manage our social media activities?

In this Live Webcast, Dr Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson of Energise 2.0, will discuss key success factors in the effective use of social media to achieve sustained business growth and profitability. The discussion is structured around their innovative Social Media Development Cycle framework. Key issues addressed include:

– External Analysis: Evaluate Your Social Media Landscape
– Internal Analysis: Evaluate Your ‘Readiness to Engage’
– Develop Your Social Media Strategy and Action Plans for ‘Getting There’
– Evaluate Your Social Media Performance and ROI
– Organization, People and Resource Issues

Full details below:

Webcast Title: How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media
Webcast Live Date & Time: 1:00 pm Sep 30 2010 United Kingdom – London
Duration: 45 mins

You can register to attend the event at www.brighttalk.com/webcast/23150

The Webcast is part of the Go for Growth Competition. More details about the competition can be found at www.go-for-growth.co.uk

Take care

Jim H

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