Clever Videos: hitting the parts other videos can’t

I’ve been reading a few articles recently which highlight the current and future potential of online video. When we think of innovative video we generally think of clever viral campaigns which innovate what we see but not how we interact. Some of the videos emerging from the music industry are changing this. 

Jim and I created a Sports Marketing Module a while back which collated some best practice use of video; this focused mainly on successful video virals such as:

These are great and I urge you to view them but they are fundamentally one dimensional. We click, view and if we like it, share or send on.

More interesting I think are the video applications which begin to customise and even personalise the experience for the user (based on how we choose to interact). Some examples, include:

The videos created by Chris Milk are taking this level of interaction to new places…

Arcade Fire: We Used to Wait

Chris Milk (and Google) recently created a video application to accompany the Arcade Fire song “We Used To Wait”. The application fits the song and the key messages from the song to you and your local area. It also uses HTML5 (and is therefore viewable without a flash player).

I checked it out and actually created a Wilderness Downtown video for my local area. I urge you to create your own video (you will need to use Google Chrome browser to do this but the investment is worth it). The experience I am talking about is difficult to describe in any other way.

The Johnny Cash Project

The same Director is also behind a crowdsourced project entitled – The Johnny Cash Project. In essence, the community (you and I) add our drawings to some of the video frames. We also view and rate other’s drawings. Videos are produced based upon the highest rated frames as well as other categorisation. The results are simply stunning and add a layer of insight and personality from, well, fans.

So What?

What are the implications of this increasingly innovative use of video? For me it heralds a fundamental shift in how we will consume video in future. And the future is very bright indeed.

These technologies are allowing me to engage at a deeper level if I choose and let’s not underestimate what this means. In terms of the last example, instead of producing the same old video (click, view, share or ignore) I am engaging more directly and getting involved.

It is this level of engagement that is so hard to obtain in our information frenzied world. If you can do more to keep my undivided attention, I believe you are creating a little bit of gold.

I bet this initiative is already creating the next generation of Johnny Cash fan.

As the man says, “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed” (attributed to William Gibson).

Your comments are as always welcome.

Alan and Jim


About Alan Stevenson

Over the last fifteen years I have split my time almost equally between Developing Digital strategies for public and private sector clients and helping organisations visualise, specify, plan and optimise technology-based solutions within their organisation.
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2 Responses to Clever Videos: hitting the parts other videos can’t

  1. Walt Patterson says:

    Thanks for sharing – this has redefined my expectations of video interactions from now on! At times I could scarcely believe what I was seeing in terms of the video frames being located in “my space”.

    Will be sharing this extraordinary experience!

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