Energise 2.0: Social Media Digest Vol. 1 No. 2

Social Media Digest

Social Media Digest

Recent and interesting articles on social media:


The UK technology startup map http://bit.ly/ccmLKY

The 10 Most Social Media Networked Companies on The Planet? http://bit.ly/bH1Efp

Seven Virtues of the Perfect Social Media Leader http://bit.ly/aSGAvx

Strategy First When Integrating Social Media and Direct Marketing http://bit.ly/bEniq5

SugarCRM Adds iPhone, Twitter And Global Options http://bit.ly/aCLgb1

How can banks make the most of social media? http://bit.ly/91CFNK

Mobile internet stats round up http://bit.ly/awgwSy

Facebook Jumping Into Email Game on Monday? http://bit.ly/bVt9C6

‘Unlocking the Potential of Social Media’ – Annual Conference of the Assoc of Scottish Visitor Attractions, 12th Nov – http://bit.ly/dy4iaB

What Is Social CRM? http://bit.ly/92zpVS

How Ford Gets More Sales With Social Media http://bit.ly/9775aT

8 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Measuring http://bit.ly/cy7gCr

Facebook Email Coming Monday with Office Web Apps Integration http://bit.ly/anP1Wo

Guardian Viral Video Chart: Skinny jeans? Nerdy glasses? This is for you… http://bit.ly/b7JZDT

The State of B2B Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] http://bit.ly/cyXUvh

Social media trends to watch for 2011 http://bit.ly/arod1a

How to quantify your social media investment http://bit.ly/a5hkHT

5 forces that could make Foursquare obsolete http://bit.ly/bTCPUU

Article: Fortune 500 Nearly Doubles Use of Twitter http://bit.ly/cwGctN

Article: How Marketers Can Keep Brand Fans on Board http://bit.ly/9Huwpc

SMB’s Still Working to Get Websites Right First http://bit.ly/9uV4Zj

Super Bowl Ads and the Evolution of Online Marketing http://bit.ly/cACFwo

How Social Media is Reinventing Marketing http://bit.ly/doJq7l

Guardian Viral Video Chart: A tribute to surfer Andy Irons http://bit.ly/az4A9y

E-Book Market Surges to $1 Billion [REPORT] http://bit.ly/am6fMm

European shoppers are going mobile, travel accounts for 47% of mobile spend http://bit.ly/dt2nXV

Social growth takes a breather http://bit.ly/bcI2Xs

Article: More Time Spent on Social Media than Email Worldwide http://bit.ly/c8MzyZ

Nestle’s augmented reality game blends technology and fun with solid branding strategy http://bit.ly/amlhQg

Study Says Social Media Users Follow Only 5 Brands http://bit.ly/cu2RAT

Facebook ‘Likes’ Equal Electoral Win in Over 70% of Key Races http://bit.ly/9eqNT5

University offers full MBA course via Facebook http://bit.ly/bZ39BM

Johnny Cash and the future of crowdsourced videos http://bit.ly/d6wHuE

British newspapers to die in 2019 http://bit.ly/baCojd

Q&A: Mark Squires, Director of Social Media at Nokia http://bit.ly/9YOXzE

Net trends http://bbc.in/ci2VGu

High fashion stoops to e-commerce http://bbc.in/ajbriC

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