European National DMOs: Facebook and Twitter League Tables, December 2010

Social Media League Tables

Social Media League Tables

As part of our on-going ‘Social Media Watch’ series, we will be publishing regularly updated Facebook and Twitter League Tables for a range of different industries. Our first Table shows the league positions of European National Destination Marketing Organisations in terms of Facebook ‘likers’ and Twitter ‘followers’. There are some very interesting results here.

European National DMOs FB Twitter League Table 1

As usual, comment and feedback very welcome.

Jim and Alan

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9 Responses to European National DMOs: Facebook and Twitter League Tables, December 2010

  1. Jack Wilson says:

    First, thanks for the tabulation. Second, my opinion is that numbers by themselves do not quantify much. We really need an engagement metric with social media. Thoughts?

  2. Thanks Jack – totally agree with you. The table is part of our social media watch series monitoring the progress being made by DMOs in this area – see our other recent post which ranked national DMOs in terms of channels used and depth/level of engagement, comparing the postion now with previous research underatken in 2008

    In terms of ‘engagement metric’, we use the 6Is approach. The first four Is refer to Involvement, Interaction, Intimacy and Influence – for individual social media channels and in terms of the overall ‘buzz’ being created across social media as a whole. These are not intangible criteria but can be measured to a very high degree of accuracy – see some of our recent blog posts on this topic. The final two Is are the customer Insights generated and the overall business Impact of your social media activities.

    Thanks again for your comments – take care

    Jim H

  3. Jean Boulin says:


    Can you telle me how FB pages do you analyze? I found the one of Spain.
    But for France I didn’t find a FB page with this number of likers?
    And for twitter, my question is the same.
    What are the sources of your analysis?

  4. Indeed very interesting, and well done to Wales which (in marked contrast to Scotland) has obviously worked hard on enlisting Facebookers. Even our fledgling DMO in St Andrews already has more Facebookers than VisitScotland.

    However, as Jack and Jim (above) both agree, it is the engagement metrics which are even more useful than simple volume statistics. That’s why Visit St Andrews is delighted to have just been named as one of the world’s top 50 most influential travel companies online. This accolade comes from the “Influencers in Travel” organisation (which uses such metrics to calculate a site’s effectiveness)

    (Please excuse the blatant self-promotion, but it shows what can be achieved with a dedicated “buzz-builder” – well done to our Beth!)

    Happy Christmas from St Andrews.

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    I have just compiled a league table of US State DMOs that I would be happy to share with you and your readers.

    • Alan Stevenson says:

      Hi Michael,
      Great to hear from you. I know Energise2-0 readers would greatly appreciate these findings. Please drop Jim or I a line and we can arrange a guest post.

      Kindest regards

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