Social media and the 11th hour

I watched a great movie about the planet and climate change. Its called the 11th Hour and its thought provoking and disturbing in equal portions.

The main thrust of the movie – apart from presenting the evidence around our rapidly warming planet – is that our insatiable consumerism fuelled by traditional media and a general lack of political will are why we now face the biggest single crisis of mankind.

Climate change is a symptom of a flawed collective mindset and we need to change fast. Sorting things out in one country will not be enough – a global response is required.

I thought it interesting that traditional media was portrayed as a culprit; separating us psychologically and spiritually from our environment, promoting greed and rampant consumerism not to mention a “me culture”.

I’m not sure what the response will be but I am convinced that the most dominant forms of communication will have a strong role to play in helping us tackle this issue; in increasing awareness, coordinating effort and ultimately in finding solutions.

In my opinion it will be on “social” Media where these important conversations will take place. As Gill Scott Heron said- “this revolution will not be televised”.

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About Alan Stevenson

Over the last fifteen years I have split my time almost equally between Developing Digital strategies for public and private sector clients and helping organisations visualise, specify, plan and optimise technology-based solutions within their organisation.
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