Social Media Videos (Part 2)

Five more Social Media videos used during our workshops – (Part 1 here)

6. What the XXXX is social media – in 2 minutes
Ten reasons why you need to become involed in social media

7. Social media in plain English
First in the series of ‘plain English’ guides to social media

8. Will it Blend? – iPad
The classic ‘Will it Blend’ series – think about the ROI from this – number of views/video production costs

9. United Breaks Guitars
A warning to everyone about poor customer service in a social media era

10. Don Tapscott – “Growning Up Digital”
Don Tapscott talking about the ‘Net Generation’.


Take care.

Jim and Alan

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One Response to Social Media Videos (Part 2)

  1. I really understood the importance and the power of social media. I personally will use it for my business.

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