7 Responses to Top 20 European Football Clubs: Facebook League Table – February, 2011

  1. Graham Budd says:

    I really like the video, no pun intented. I’m interested in how people market their social media sites and this is a great example. I see its on their Youtube site but I wonder how they market their social media sites outside the medium itself.

    • Alan Stevenson says:

      Thanks for this comment Graham. Lots of ways is the short answer. Videos like this have the possibility to be tweeted, shared, liked, embedded, emailed, linked in brochures or flyers, and otherwise engaged with across mobile, desktop, and in future iTV. Social media channels are being cross-referenced not only on other social media but also much wider – on websites and through more traditional advertising media – radio and TV. Take a look at the latest adverts on television, more big brands are now referencing their social media channels (especially their Facebook pages).

      Hope this helps

  2. gavin redknap says:

    are you sure this is the ‘top 20’ and not just the first 20 that came to mind? West Ham, who i support, have 120k supporters and they’ve only had their official site up for six months (typically late to the fray). This is a very useful measure of measuring fan stats though obviously its far from representative, especially across countries given differences in penetration of facebook compared to local social media sites. I know in Brazil, for example, most people shun facebook for Orkut.

    • Alan Stevenson says:

      Thanks Gavin. We have chosen the Deloitte Football top 20 as the basis for this longitudinal study. Some clubs enter and leave this group depending on money earned in the previous season for example Champions League income also the methodology Deloitte employ guarantee’s a European feel to this group. This said, we need to start somewhere and it was as good a place as any. Interesting progress from the Hammers all the same and underlines their strong fan base (offline and online).

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