The Anatomy of a Social Media Policy

social media policyThis article on the Social Media Explorer site provides good advice in developing a Social Media Policy for staff.

Key points made are as follows:

  • Dont lock down Social Media access at work. Many of your employees can access Facebook/ Twitter etc from their smart phones anyway. Instead of trying to restrict access, agree a Social Media Policy (SMP) that governs staff use both personally and on behalf of the company.
  • Your SMP should obviously be aimed at protecting the company. However, an equally important goal is to eliminate confusion on the part of employees, making it safe for them to engage in social media without constantly asking for guidance (or fouling up).
  • State clearly who is approved to speak on behalf of the company in social media.
  • Make it clear who is authorized to create social media accounts for the company.
  • Set boundaries for personal content. However, realize that staff do want to talk about their work – after all, they spend a lot of time thinking about work topics and it occupies a large part of their day. Provide guidelines on how to incorporate industry or company information into their own conversations without running afoul of the policy.
  • Do you want your staff to amplify your social messaging – retweeting your content or posting your blog posts to Facebook when it’s appropriate for their audiences? If so, clarify this point and help your team to do so.
  • Some content may be totally off-limits for any employee posting anywhere e.g. confidential information, negative posts about the company or your competitors, posts that could infringe on intellectual property laws etc.
  • Provide employees with an outlet for passing along information they see in social media that they feel should be responded to.
  • Remind everyone about the importance of professionalism and respect for others.
  • Do not constrain your employees’ personal self-expression, but make it obvious for them where to draw the line.
  • The full article can be found here:

    As usual, comment and feedback are very welcome. What is your own expeirence of preparing a Social Media Proper Use Policy? Do you have one?

    Take care

    Vincent, Jim and Alan

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