UK Sport Fans Most Prolific Tweeters in Europe

sports fans and social mediaA new study has shown that UK sport fans are European leaders in their use of social media. Sports fans in the UK tweet more than any other European country with the UK also being one of the highest Facebook-using markets in Europe.

The survey revealed other clear trends in how 12 to 25 year olds consume sport.

  • TV remains the top medium for sport fans, with 98% watching sports content on TV.
  • Of this 98%, more than half (57%), watched TV daily. The Internet, however, runs a very close second with 53% of sport fans accessing the Net every day.
  • Use of newspapers to access sports news in the UK lags behind that in Italy and Spain.
  • UK sport fans tweet more than other European country, with 13% tweeting compared to the European average of 9%.
  • The survey involved 2,000 European respondents and took place last month.

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