Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 6

Energise 2.0 Social Media Digest

Seventy five plus articles on social media that we have found useful over the last month or so. Enjoy!.

Social Media Strategy Development: The Key Questions to Ask

This just in…News no longer breaks, it Tweets

IBM’s new social media monitoring tool

Sports Marketing 2.0 presentation

According to Julian Assange, Facebook is a Spy Machine used by US Intelligence [VIDEO]

Breaking Tweets: How Social Media Scooped Big Media on Osama Death

Excellent article on how the Facebook Feed Change Hurts Brands – is it deliberate?

Call centre staff require training in social media interaction

Google Vs the Human Search Engine – Crowdsourcing

The Online Anatomy of a Breaking Story – how technology spreads word-of-mouth

Mashable’s weekly recap of social media stories

Twitter has released a graphic of last night’s tweets

At last, the heroes and villains of hotel wifi revealed

Facebook and Twitter League Table for European

Updated Facebook League Table for Europe’s top football teams

Very clear article on Facebook EdgeRank and very good advice given

This week in social media

Interesting to see how EuroLeague are now using facebook and twitter with 80k and 90k plus ‘fans’

Social Business Reality Check: Move Beyond the Hype

‘Blame It On The Youth’ – another interesting post from @briansolis

Social media platforms for B2B

Ten reasons for B2B companies to actively engage with Social Media

Wall Street begins to use social media networks to predict market/investment trends

50 Fascinating Facebook Facts And Figures

Brilliant article. Accept that you don’t own your brands; your consumers do

European National DMOs increase Facebook ‘likers’ by 53%

Would suggest this as a ‘must read’ – Social Media Reality Check

The Social CRM market is over $1 billion and is growing at 30-40 percent

Useful list of 5 detailed reports on B2B Social Media

Thoughts on Social CRM

Useful video on Social Analytics

5 ways facebook is changing search marketing

Good advice from @socialmediaexaminer on using the LinkedIn company search facility

Interesting video on how Cisco uses social media to interact with customers

Interesting survey and good Infographic on Social Media Monitoring Tools

More on Social Media ROI

Perceptive thoughts on the organisational and HRM aspects of building effective social media teams

Do you have the right social skills?

Interesting new study on Facebook engagement – 50% of Post Likes in the first 1h20m

Words of wisdom from @briansolis on Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

Understanding B2B Social Media Through Infographics

3 CRM software options for SMEs with social integration

Maximiser CRM software for SMEs now available on the cloud

Majority of FTSE 100 ‘fail’ at social media

Over 1,000 Marketers Reporting 150% ROI or More on Social Media

70% of marketers plan to increase social media spend this year

Good advice given in this article on using social media for successful selling – there are no short cuts

Top 3 European Football Clubs have over 35 million facebook likers

Social Media Strategy Development: The Key Questions to Address

Interesting article on social media career opportunities

The danger of buying facebook fans – good advice given in this article on how to build your facebook fan base

Cloud computing’s ‘tipping point’

Small businesses benefit most from social media according to new study

Is twitter overrated?

Slides for my Guest Lecture on Social Media at the University of Strathclyde this coming Wednesday

How to Monetize Social Media – some great examples applicable to travel and tourism

Just posted up our 2010 Guide to Social Media Strategy Development – currently being updated

How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media for Customer Service

Interesting article on Enterprise Social Networking

Some of our recent posts on Social Media and Sports Marketing

4 steps for evaluating risk in social media

Social Media and SME Internationalisation

I like presenting this case at our Energise Workshops – the Threadless Crowdsourced Business Model

9 companies doing social media right

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Our Top Ten Social Media Videos

How the Chicago Bulls engage with customers across different touchpoints

Engage 2.0 book by Brian Solis now available

User-generated content is the great equalizer of hotel marketing

Useful report on how hotels are using social media – The 2011 Hotel Social Media Monitor

Good advice for developing a social media learning programme in your company

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) launches updated social media guidance for PR

How to Measure Your Facebook Engagement – very detailed article on the KPIs shown in Facebook Insights

Google’s UK ad revenue to overtake ITV

Is social the next display? Going the same way as the ad display industry

Analysing the social media industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model

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