Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 7

Energise 2.0 Social Media Digest

Energise 2.0 Social Media Digest

Hope you find this useful. Another selection of the best and most recent social media articles……….

Crowdsourcing a new kind of social media marketing campaign – 4 good examples

The image says it all

Another good un from @briansolis – follow us on facebook but WHY?

Being engaged and engaging are not the same thing

A man in Egypt has named his daughter facebook – could have been worse if he was addicted to video

Think Insights – new digitalmarketing insights from google

Do you have a socialmedia code of conduct for your brand?

Can the Courts control socialmedia

Five books on socialmedia ROI and measurement

Interesting Infographic on what socialmedia professionals get paid

Are You a Problem Solver, Conversationalist, Self-Promoter or Egocaster

Interesting thoughts on the new twitter effect

This week in socialmedia from socialmediaexaminer

How to build your own social media monitoring dashboard

Facebook faces lawsuit over data sharing

The Digital World of Millennials

Energise posts on #socialmedia strategy development

UK retailers use of Facebook and twitter

Social CRM to enhance the customer experience

Interesting advice on what works/doesnt work for different types of socialmedia campaigns

Currently advising a no. of luxury brands on #socialmedia – useful stats here on affluent customer motivations

Interesting stats on the average number of facebook likes and comments for brands, artists and media

Useful list of twitter applications

Social Media KPIs

Workshop 1 on our Mastering Social Media Executive Programme ‘Getting the Foundations Right’

Social media differences by country

Big increase in the use of socialmedia by SMEs but how many have a clear vision and strategy?

40 Insightful (Yet Deadly Creative) Infographics – Infographics can be defined as an emerging form…

Interesting Case Study of AstraZeneca First Twitter Chat

Energise 2.0 Social Media Digest No. 6 – 75 recent articles we like on socialmedia

5 Branded Youtube Channels That Get It Right

Interesting video with Head of Digital and Social Media at pepsico

Why clicks are the wrong metric

Our Mastering Social Media Executive Programme

Good practical advice on how to enhance your blog with images

What’s High School For? – the 3rd one from #sethgodin today – like this one a lot

Selling v Inviting – more from Seth Godin

Marketing to Nobody – insights from Seth Godin

Mastering Social Media Executive Programme (Post 1)

Julian Assange awarded Australian peace prize

The End of the Destination Web and the Revival of the Info Economy – another ‘must read’ from briansolis

The Key Things To Remember about Social Media

7 reasons why replacing your web site with #socialmedia is stupid – personally i think these are 7 stupid reasons

Starwood Hotels Adds Foursquare to Loyalty Program

Key questions to address in developing a Social Media Strategy

Good advice on how to build your twitter tribe

Last week in socialmedia from social media examiner

Good advice on using twitter to connect with local customers

Step 7 in our Social Media Strategy Framework – Channel Action Plans

Social Media Strategy in Four Steps – good advice but misses some key steps

Good advice on how to freshen up your tweets

Changing face of marketing – new survey by IBM

Our Top Ten Social Media Videos

Take care

Jim, Alan and Vincent

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