Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 8

Energise Social Media DigestAnother 50 interesting and useful social media articles published over the last week or so.

11 Ways To Lose Your Job On Facebook

Interesting stats on how people share content

Progress at last? The stupidity of our copyright laws is finally laid bare

Are You Listening?

Is Facebook the Ultimate CRM Platform?

Interesting to see how this works out – Footballer sparks Twitter storm

The future of the library – a message from Seth to Sir Alex

How Apple wants you to travel in the iTravel era

FA reprimands Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney for Twitter rant

Comments on our Nil by Mouth: Monitoring Online Sectarianism post

Top 20 European Football Club Facebook League Table

In case you missed it – 50+ recent articles on social media Energise Digest No 7

Video – changing advertiser – customer power relationship in a social media era

More on social media ROI from smexaminer

The new Sunday Times Social Media List is fun to use

Ways to master social media fear

Real Madrid have over 1.7m twitter followers – how is it a waste of time’ Sir Alex?

Dont criticise what you can’t understand – Twitter is ‘a waste of time’ – says Sir Alex Ferguson

On back of Queen’s visit Tourism Ireland launches social media road trip

Using the Six Stages of Social Media Maturity to compare business types

Nil by Mouse: Monitoring Online Sectarianism

Twitter ads don’t deliver: report

Journalists increasingly using social media as news source

The Many Faces of LinkedIn – a user’s perspective

Google oppose law that would protect your privacy — i wonder why?

How world leaders use social media

Where social media sits in local government

As an ex-academic who is ok now 🙂 i love this post – the case for open source textbooks

360-Degree Wembley Stadium Panorama Gets Thousands of Facebook Tags

Very good practical advice from smexaminer on ways to keep your content fresh

New White Paper from hootsuite on social media measurement

Like this analogy – What Small Towns Can Teach Us About Social Business

LinkedIn Valuation To Top $4 Billion in IPO

Now this is interesting San Francisco Set to Ban the Distribution of Yellow Pages

Step 7: Social Media Strategy Development – Channel Action Plans

In case you’re on the fence about social media, here are some success stories to help you decide

Very good practical advice – 50 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

Social Media and International Trade Presentation

The trouble with measuring influence via social media

Barcelona fc tops the Facebook Football League Table with over 14.5m likers

Workshop 1 focuses on ‘Getting the Foundations Right’

This Morning’s Top 3 Stories in Social Media & Tech

Social media and B2B…trends etc.

Top 20 European Football Clubs: Facebook League Table, May 2011

Energise are now on facebook too for social media updates

‘Mastering Social Media for Sustained Business Growth’ – ‘Getting the Foundations Right’

Herald and Scotsman sales slump – many of us no longer need newspapers

How the web is impacting education

Top 10 UK Music Festivals 2011

As usual, comments and feedback very welcome.

Take care

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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