Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 9

Social media digest

Social Media Digest

Another 50 interesting and useful social media articles published over the last week or so.

A Joke Twitter Feed That Could Change the Way We Understand the Internet

Championship victory ‘worth £90m’

Don’t know if you saw this article. It’s bang on the money, especially Internal IT

Crowdcube on the BBC Business website today – Small firms seek crowdfunding

Traditional media lose ground to social media, Edelman report finds [SURVEY]

Why Peter Shankman should make no further comment about social media!

Companies should embrace sociial CRM because…..

Who owns your brand’s social data

The Dimitrios Buhalis Daily is out!

The Social Media News is out! is out!

Are you listening?

You need a tribe to belong too, join the right one to shine, grow and share your message!

“Twitter is Reuters on acid, crack and cocaine:”

Top 20 European football clubs #twitter league table

New Social Media Research: This Week in Social Media

Social Media Distractions Are Costing Businesses Major Money [STUDY]

Well it had to happen – unilever socialmedia campaign for soap

New stats about socialmedia use in the US

In case you missed it – Energise Social Media Digest No. 8

Podcast on how socialmedia impacts on search

Excellent article on the convergence of search and social media

facebook continues towards world domination, this time with music and video

Mastering Social Media Executive Programme, Workshop 2 Content

Our Response to Shankman’s Recent Rant and he has blocked us form his blog because of this

Use of socialmedia and games to support student learning – time management, leadership, teamwork, problem solving

Good practical advice on how to better market your blog

Good advice on how to promote your Infographic

The Internet accounts for 21% of GDP growth in the last 5 years in mature countries

why have you deleted my comment on your blog and blocked me?


Looks as if petershankman has blocked me from his blog and deleted the link to this criticism of his recent rant

Workshop 2 on our Mastering Social Media Programme

Well you did ask – Our Response to Shankman’s Recent Rant

Our Response to Shankman’s Recent Rant

Mastering Social Media Executive Programme (Post 3) – Workshop 2 details

There are good social media tools available for measuring how widespread online sectarianism is

US Army uses socialmedia for recruitment

Linkedin looks to China

What do you think of the anti socialmedia movement? Should we change our ways?

New research on SME socialmedia spend

In case you missed it, Energise SocialMedia Digest No. 8 </a

Customer-centricity Begins with Creating a Culture of Change

More on socialmedia ROI from sm examiner

The ‘cloud’ as a student learning resource – could have a more revolutionary impact than stated here

Preparing presentation for the Scottush Technology Showcase Event on 7th June – will post up on our blog soon

Crowdsourced solution to online sectarianism

A crowdsourced solution to online sectarianism in Scottish football? See most recent comment on Nil by Mouse

How well is your football team using facebook and twitter

“The biggest opportunity to increase engagement and loyalty is in customer experience management”

The Dimitrios Buhalis Daily is out!

Peter Shankman’s anti social media blog has caused an awful rammy

Social media is a significant traffic source for 78% of travel sites

Volunteers sought for 4G trial

Sectarian proposals go to cabinet – Nil by Mouse – www.energise2-0.com – comments welcome

Are you spittering (=spamming) or truly engaging on Twitter?

A must read – Ryan Giggs and the enemies of web freedom | Dan Gillmor

Injunction publicity backfires on celebrity law firm

Slides for tomorrow’s Social Media Presentation, Lanarkshire Tourism Marketing Partnership

Another 50 interesting social media articles from the last week or so – Energise SM Digest

Top 20 European Football Clubs: Twitter League Table

Twitter acquires TweetDeck for $40 million

Fascinating graphic showing the geographic spread of hate groups in US

The Elizabeth Tucker Daily is out!

Twitter numbers for Europe’s top football clubs

Top 20 European Football Clubs: Twitter League Table – May, 2011*

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