Social Media: It’s not about Broadcasting, PR or Direct Marketing

social media energise 2.0Next Tuesday, 7th June, we will be presenting at the Scottish Technology Showcase Event in Glasgow. Organised by Scottish Enterprise and attended by over 1,500 delegates, the theme of this year’s event is using technology to improve your company’s productivity and competitiveness by becoming faster, leaner, better and greener.

Our Speaker’s Brief asked us to present on using ‘Social Media to Communicate the Message and Learn from the Response’.

‘Social media provides many routes to reach an audience. The reach can be global, the audience huge, the impact game changing, all of this in real time and often with instant feedback on its effectiveness. But how do you engage the right audience and how can you harness this potential in support of your business’?

We would agree that social media, if used effectively, can provide a low-cost channel for communicating your message to a global audience. However the key term here is ‘used effectively’. Social media is NOT about communicating your message.

In our presentation (see below), we have emphasised the type of ‘mindset’ required to be successful in social media. It is NOT about ‘getting your message out’. Social media is NOT just another PR, direct marketing or broadcasting platform. First and foremost, social media is about listening to and engaging with your customers (especially your ‘most valuable’ and ‘most growable’ customers), your partners, your community, your tribe

Listening first is something we are not very good at doing. We prefer telling people how good we are.

New ‘mindsets’ are required to be successful in social media.

‘Be social before doing social’

As usual, comment and feedback on our presentation are very welcome – see below

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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4 Responses to Social Media: It’s not about Broadcasting, PR or Direct Marketing

  1. Hi there!
    Cannot attend this but am very interested in what’s being discussed on the day. Any chance of any material after the event – Powerpoints, Videos, etc?

  2. Thanks Janine.

    Our presentation is only a small part of a much larger technology exhibition. The slides we are using can be downloaded from the above post. You will also find a lot of other useful information about social media on other pages of our blog. We run an in-depth Mastering Social Media Programme if this would be of interest to you.

    In terms of the bigger event, the exhibition web site should keep you up to date –

    I know there are some videos up on youtube from last years event.

    Hope that answers your questions. If not, just get in touch again.

    Take care

    Jim H

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