The Convergence of Search and Social Media

SEO Social MediaWe really like this article from Jonathan Lawoyin which discusses the growing relationship between SEO and Social Media. Article Link: The Convergence of Search and Social Media Key points made include:

* Search Meets Social Media
Search and social media have become closer siblings in recent years. Achieving good SEO results these days requires not only a technically optimized website and relevant inbound links but also a strong, vibrant social media presence.

* Engines React to Social Media
Because of the exponential growth of social networking sites over the past few years, search engines have had to make major adjustments. Google, for example, now incorporates real-time search of many social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube and other networks.

Social media presence is also important as an indicator of authority. Some search engines give preference to an author’s tweets in computing the authority and quality of an article. Given that a good search strategy should be focused on relevance, having a powerful social media is now critical.

* Effective Off-Site SEO Using Social Media
The ultimate goal of your SEO strategy is to maximize the quality and quantity of inbound links pointing to your website, which is a huge factor in your site’s ability to rank well on your target keywords. The effect of social media initiatives on inbound links cannot be underestimated. Blogging, engagement via Facebook/Twitter, and other social media activities have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of editorially awarded links that your site can benefit from.

* Search Driving Social Media Engagement
In turn, search can be used to drive social media success. Keyword insights can help set the direction of social media initiatives. Keyword search-volume trend analysis remains one of the more effective ways of gauging interest about a subject. Therefore, insights from search marketing campaigns can help drive fruitful, engaging conversations with your target audience.

Both search and social media are here to stay, and the ever-increasing interdependence between these channels should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. The strategic use of both channels can result in increased marketing effectiveness.

We would strongly recommend reading the full article as it contains very practical advice in ‘getting there’. Free registration may be required to access the article

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