Sharing is ‘Cool’: Plagiarism is Not

plagiarismReflecting the open culture of social media, we have always been more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with others (we are also active ‘listeners’). Hopefully, this is reflected on our blog, and other Energise 2-0 social media channels, where we strive to deliver content that adds value to our network. For example, in the ‘Featured Slideset’ section of our blog we have posted many of the Social Media Workshop presentations delivered over the last year or so (we are in the process of removing some of the older slides simply because that part of the site is becoming a bit cluttered).

While we are happy to make our presentations freely available to everyone and anyone who wants to access them, and will continue to do so, this obviously comes with an element of risk; that some unscrupulous individual(s) could download our work, rebrand the slides and pass off as their own.

Unfortunately, we have recently come across an example of a web design agency that delivered one of our presentations to a client company. This is definitely NOT COOL! As far as we can see, the slides were not in any way attributed to us as the original authors.

In principle, we would be more than happy if you want to use some of our material but please ask first. The answer would almost certainly be yes but a brief reference to the original authors would be nice.

We could name and shame the agency concerned but that is not our style…..but if it happens again we may reconsider. Please don’t underestimate the power of the network!

Anyone else experienced plagiarism by making material freely available on the social web?

Take care.

Jim and Alan

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