8 Responses to Fan run hubs in sport pose the question: who really owns the brand?

  1. Total Celtic says:

    Excellent summing up of the situation on current social media within sport.

  2. If Arsenal have closed their forum down as an act of censorship then that is a backword step.In allowng the fans to run a forum on the Arsenal site they should have used the forum to have an open dialogue with the fans regarding its future.

    However since it would appear that the club own the domain that the forum was on then the club run the risk of damage to its brand reputation if the forum is not properly moderated. Moderation of forums in general can be a tricky business and allowing free speech to flourish without it being offensive is a tricky business.Even more so if you have a brand to protect therefore trust is a major issue.

    My feeling is that the establishment of a fans hub should be seperate from the club. This puts the onus firmly on the independant fans who manage and subscribe to the site.If the fans hub is managed correctly and provides a positive platform for fans to share their news,opinions, match reports etc and also generate quality content then there is no reason why the fans can’t engage with officials at the club.

    In an ideal world I’d like to see an autonomous fans hub working along side the club to the benefit of both.

  3. Thanks guys for your very quick response. Will wait a few days to see if anyone else joins in then do a wee summary – thanks again and take care

    Jim H

  4. Yet again, head and shoulders above the rest! Thought provoking, inquisitive and room to accept critique and answer. Eugene leaves nothing to chance and I sincerely wish my club (his club) would take heed EXCELLENT BLOG!!!

  5. This is a great post and also made me think about my earlier post here on Liverpool’s own social hub. In that case, by effectively handing over the keys to their fans, it did look like a master stroke. At the same time if/when things are not very rosy at the club, it also raises an issue – are Liverpool leaving themselves open and maybe increasing the chances of reduced brand equity? – as highlighted by James Cameron above. It’s always difficult, well actually impossible, for sports clubs/franchises to separate on-field (related) performance/happenings of the team and its effect on brand equity. Is it something they just have to accept or something they have to fight, when they take on social media?

  6. Just a quick update. I came across this on the New Jersey Devils facebook page – Social Media Day with the Devils and Islanders.


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