Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 12

Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 12

Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 12

Welcome to Vol. 1 No. 12 of the Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest – our regular update of recent, useful articles covering the business impact of social media. As introduced in the last edition, we have divided the links into recent articles published on our own Energise 2-0 blog and ‘Best of the Rest’. Please do let us know if you find the Digest useful OR NOT. Also, if you would prefer it presented in a different format e.g. a much smaller number of links maybe with a detailed abstract of say the top 5 or so ‘must read’ articles. Any suggestions for improvement warmly received.

Energise Posts:

In case you missed it – Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 11

Is Your Business Anti-Social?

Thanks for the comments and feedback on our ‘Drowning in a Sea of Noise’ post

Guest Post: Two contrasting examples of social media in sports marketing – censorship v. fan empowerment

Does your organisation restrict social media access and what reason is given?

Top 20 European Football Clubs: Facebook League Table, June 2011

Should all your staff be engaging in social media?

Best Of The Rest:

Google Domination? This Week in Social Media – useful weekly update from sm examiner

Official: Google Analytics Gets Social Engagement Reporting

China arrests 36 in Alibaba fraud – a leading international business exchange site exporting

Twitter now sends 200 million tweets every DAY [Infographic] what % add value?

Interesting piece on the socialmedia strategy of SouthWest Airlines – staff engagement

5 Tools That Help Measure Your Social Media Influence social media simple and clear advice

The urgency of earning and retaining customer trust marks a sea change in how businesses need to operate

A MUST READ – use the social media skills of employees for social customer engagement

78% of executives say that a socialmedia strategy is critical to success – taxi for the rest of them

Good solid advice re SEO and socialmedia from sm examiner

Twitter is a full contact sport. If you are not willing to reach out, listen, share and learn…stay home

Useful advice in hiring a social media agency

‘Launch’ – new book by Michael Stelzner of sm examiner – despite the ‘glitz’, sound advice

Social Influence: This Week in Social Media from sm examiner

Good article from @smexaminer on the importance of brand advocates

Trackur adds social media analytics

Death of another ‘buzz’ word – social CRM. Long live Customer Experience Management

UK retailers fall short in meeting consumer online needs

Interesting thoughts on the ‘subjective web’ – the web we create for ourselves

35 socialmedia insights from Brian Solis – a must read

Recruit the natives to help your company develop social media engagement skills

Social media success varies by country – China and India lead the US and UK

Comments and feedback very welcome.

Take care.

Vincent, Jim, Alan

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