Eight Useful Articles on Google +

google plus energise 2.0 social mediaThe following short articles provide useful insights into the current debate concerning Google +, covering the ‘will it succeed’, Google + v. Facebook argument but also some very hands-on practical advice in using it. As usual, comments and feedback very welcome. What do you think? Will Google + dominate Facebook or will it become another Google ‘graveyard’ product?

First Take: Google+ Gets Features Right –But Offers No Reason to Leave Facebook – Jeremiah Owyang

Why Google+ Is More Like Google~…and Why That Means Facebook Wins – Andy Beal, Marketing Pilgrim

Google’s Product Graveyard [Infographic] – Frank Reed

This is not a post about Google + – Search Engine Guide

Excellent Visual Guide to Circles in Google +

How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide – Social Media Examiner

HOW TO: Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL – Mashable

Get Your Facebook Friends Into Google+ – Frank Reed


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3 Responses to Eight Useful Articles on Google +

  1. Katerina Loungi says:

    From what I’ve read, the positioning concept is identical to Facebook’s. There is no meaningful differentiation or a competitive advantage that would make people switch to. A belated “me too” offer as the majority of new launches in most markets. Doesn’t this prove that the Marketing principles have remained the same in the social media era? Same mistakes, same wrong expectations? What is Google’s + aim? To capture market share from FB or appeal to non-users, i.e. to people that for some reasons have rejected/abandoned FB ? If it is the latter, then it needs to clearly identify the psychological barriers of non- Social Media Users and accordingly adapt its offer.

  2. The positioning to me is two fold – take advantage of Facebook’s weaknesses and inexperience on privacy, and to rely on the positive user experience of existing Google products (especially Mail and Picasa). This approach will attract both existing and non Social Media users. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing your cloud services and social media activity.

  3. Katerina/Billy – thank you both for taking the time to comment.

    I think that your two comments summarise very nicely the two sides of the argument. Time will tell i guess.

    My own ‘take’ is that I will probably test it out and see – but i say that as someone who is not already a proactive user of facebook. If I was then not sure that the Google + proposition would be strong enough to encourage me to defect from FB. Having said that, because i already use a number of other Google tools then yes it would be good to have an all-in-one solution

    Take care and thanks again

    Jim H

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