T in the Park and Social Media

T-In-The-Park Having lost a key member of the Energise team (Vincent) for four days to an organisation called T in the Park, it is only appropriate that we checked out how Scotland’s largest music festival is using new media.

The Festival’s ‘Live Hub’ site has a number of interesting features designed to enhance the customer experience (those attending and those not), encouraging user generated content and fan engagement.

These include links to the Festival Facebook page with over 135,000 ‘likes’ and Twitter account (16,000 plus followers). A Video Blog shows ‘what the festival is like from a campers point of view’ (x-rated :-))

There is also a Live Hub Youtube Channel, and a T in the Park Mailing List to join. You can send your photos and videos to live@tinthepark.com

Probably the most ‘mission critical’ feature for those attending the event is the iphone app which contains a ‘tent finder’ function. Doesn’t say how easy it is to use at 3am after too much T in the Park if you know what I mean:-)

To all those attending, have a great time and hope the weather is kind to you. Your only young once – go for it, but stay safe.

Jim, Alan

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9 Responses to T in the Park and Social Media

  1. Sean Botha says:

    When I worked as New Media Manager at DF Concerts I led the project to launch the T in the Park social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), establish an email marketing platform and project manage the website relaunch working in partnership with Dog Digital. Hectic times – the hardest part was trying to effectively manage user generated feedback, carefully checking tone/nature of content to ensure that partners (notably Tennent’s) were happy.

  2. Great to see so much effort in social in a Scottish gig. Really interested in how the mobile support goes … i’ve been told getting a signal can be a challenge.

    • Thanks Steven – not sure if there is a problem getting a signal or just an excuse NOT to call home 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to respond – much appreciated

      Take care

      Jim H

      • Taking is a step further, if a mobile signal (and hence mobile apps) are hard to use then surely it’s a huge opportunity for a group messaging service based on SMS (given it is a heck of a lot easier to get a signal… even asynch messaging).

        Oh, if my mum ever asks, the signal is awful 😉

      • You would expect that they would have this sorted out Steven given their target audience but maybe not. Be interesting to see feedback from those attending. If your going – enjoy. Jim H

  3. Jonny Gordon says:

    I was going to say what Steven said. Its great to see much so effort put into a campaign to make the whole thing interactive for the attendees. Definitely made it into my Scottish top ten :-). Will be keeping an eye on it to see how much participation there is because I think there’s alot can be learned from campaigns like this (and to see if my picture makes it up there on Saturday)

    Thanks for the insight Sean. Very interesting to hear what goes into something like this. I always did wonder what happened to the more colourful comments because they seem to be an issue with more and more sites having tagged Twitter comments automatically filtering though to their site.

    • Thanks Jonny for taking the time to respond – much appreciated. If your going on Saturday – enjoy. Say hello to Vincent. He will be the one with the welly boots on 🙂

      Hope the weather is kind to you all – so far so good.

      Take care

      Jim H

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