Are you a Fish or a Sheep?

Catch a FishIn our recent ‘I am not a suspect’ post we asked HubSpot and the Inbound Marketing industry to stop treating customers like passive sheep just waiting to be driven to your web site. I am delighted to report that they seem to have taken on board our advice.

According to a recent HubSpot blog post, ‘5 Tips to Optimise Your Social Media Engagement’, we are no longer passive sheep. Instead, we have become fish searching for bait.

How to Catch a Fish‘As a business, you need to think of social media like fishing. Sometimes you put your pole in and the fish are biting; other times, not as much. Still, a lot of people approach social media marketing without any bait whatsoever’.

Later on in the post, it states:

‘Asking a question is premium bait! It’s almost irresistible for someone who has been asked a question to reply. This works great on Twitter by @replying and works equally well on Facebook in comments on pages or even sending messages to potential customers’.

So according to HubSpot, the main reason for engaging with social media is to catch a fish (sales suspect). Wonder what the fish equivalent is of ‘flock off’?

Rather than providing 5 tips to optimise your social media engagement, let us provide just one. Don’t use social media to lay bait!

JawsIn a social media era where the fish have the power, you need to socialise the customer experience. Rather than casting your bait in the hope that the fish will bite, ask yourself a completely different question – how can we use social media to improve the customer experience with our organisation?

That way you might just differentiate yourself from the noise.

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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3 Responses to Are you a Fish or a Sheep?

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Hey there Jim,

    You know, I’m beginning to question a lot of the stuff coming out of Hubspot. First, there are your two articles, and then there’s Dan Zarrella’s recent post on some “startling” (not Dan’s words) discoveries about how Facebook Page Fans like and share content. The only startling thing I saw was that the report was put together after studying… TWO PAGES!!! 😉

    I dunno – I’m hearing interesting feedback about Hubspot, and wondering if they’re reaching mass effect and running out of approaches?

    Good stuff, sir. 🙂

    PS – Wonder if we can find out the ROI of sheep? 😉

    • Thanks Danny for taking the time to respond – much appreciated.

      Some of the stuff that HubSpot produce is ok and some good advice given but in the main it is very superficial.

      I agree with everything you say. My main concern is with some of the terminology they use ‘fill your sales funnel with suspects’, the fish analogy etc

      Haven’t read Dan’s article but will search it out. Looks interesting.

      As far as the ROI of sheep is concerned, I know how your Granda from Edinburgh would answer that – ‘flock off’. That is one of the best ‘one liners’ i have heard in a very long time.

      You ever over in Scotland?

      Take care

      Jim H

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