13 Responses to In TripAdvisor We Trust?

  1. Thanks Alan – very interesting post.
    Enhance the customer experience and the TripAdvisor comments will follow.

    Jim H

  2. Suzanne Johnston says:


    I always use Trip Advisor – has never let me down so far. Tend not to book anyuthing until I have checked hotle reviews on their site

  3. David says:

    Recent experience suggests taking comments with a large pinch of salt. Recently stayed in a hotel that had horrendous reviews on trip advisor turned out to be OK, maybe I was lucky and got the one good room.

  4. Alan Stevenson says:

    There is something I like about Booking.com. I use it alot, you review a hotel or B&B only once you have stayed there (a bit like Amazon). It also segments my response through the background information I provide. I’m not sure if the responses are better or more accurate but I do enjoy reading them and never question their authenticity.

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  8. I use Trip Advisor for every hotel or holiday I book, I think as long as you take some reviews with a pinch of salt, you can’t go wrong. Often people will have a great experience, one simple mistake on the companies part will let them down and they will provide a very negative review. If you read through several reviews, it can often become clear that the ‘bad review’ is a result of one small mistake. I worked for a hotel who have a facebook account, the new general manager created the page. He engages with staff and customers on there, offers promotions and discounts, but more importantly, he encourages customers to share their experiences and any complaints are dealt with immediately. The facebook page is linked to Trip Advisor where he also replies to reviews posted, I think this is a very effective way of monitoring customer satisfaction and if a false review is posted, it would become obvious as the GM would investigate the complaint.

    • Michelle – thanks for sharing this with us. A good example of social media being used properly. Would make for an interesting ‘guest post’ if you/the GM were prepared to be interviewed for this. Let me know what you think.

      Take care and thanks again for taking the time to respond.

      Jim H

  9. Jim – I’ll contact the GM and get back to you, he would be the best person to interview in relation to this, when I worked for the hotel he had only just started using social media to connect with customers and staff members. I think it would be really interesting to find out if and how the hotel has benefited.

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