3 Responses to Liverpool FC Launches Social Media Campaign in China

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  2. Bin Gao says:

    The stark success of Weibo in the past one year proves itself to be a good place for foreign organisations to launch the online marketing projects through social medias. Other Chinese social medias, in terms of Renren and Douban, however, should also be indispensable platforms for commercial campaigns considering more specific and segmented consumers are using those social networks for sharing their ideas like their favorite football teams.

  3. BG – thanks for that. If you have the time, we would welcome a short ‘Guest’ post on Chinese Social Networks – nothing too heavy….just listing the main ones, what they do, number of users and should foreign companies be using these as part of their entry strategy for the Chinese market. I think this would be a very interesting post.

    Let me know what you think.

    Take care and thanks for taking the time to repsond

    Jim H

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