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Energise Social Media, a company owned and managed by Dr. Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson, provide an integrated range of social media services for building sustained business growth and profitability, delivered to the very highest international standards and fully customised for your business:

  • Social media education and knowledge development
  • Social media planning, strategy development, implementation and on-going management of your social media activities
  • ‘Creating the Buzz’ – building an online buzz about your brand
  • Business impact performance evaluation
  • Social media monitoring: who is talking about your brand, where online? what sentiments (positive/negative) are being expressed? how should you respond?
  • Senior management social media mentoring service
  • Social media continuous professional development programmes

Over the last few years, and working with a diverse range of clients from different sectors (large and small), we have developed an approach to Social Media that quite simply works. The approach, which is based on our combined 40 years experience of International Business, is based on four key principles:

  • Social Media Planning Pays – you need an agreed social media vision, strategy and action plan for ‘getting there’. Our approach, based on the Social Media Development Cycle, will ensure that your social media activites are delivered on time, within budgetand that agreed business goals and objectives are achieved. Our approach will ensure that your social media activites are fully aligned behind and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives.
  • Be ‘Business Led’ – social media can be a lot of fun; it is ‘exciting and sexy’. However, it also needs to deliver real business benefits and Return on Investment. In agreement with your senior management team, we will develop a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets to be used in measuring the on-going success and business impact of your social media activities to ensure that high ROI is being achieved.
  • Performance Measurement – based on the above, we will use advanced Social Media Monitoring tools to produce regular reports on your overall social media performance and business impact using a Balanced Scorecard approach.
  • Be ‘Customer Led’ – success in social media really comes down to three very simple questions: Who are our customers? Where do they ‘hang out’ on social media? How can we best ‘engage’ and ‘energise’ them?

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Energise 2-0 Owners

Dr. Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson are acknowledged experts in Web 2.0/Social Media having successfully delivered on a wide range of consultancy projects in both the UK and internationally.

Dr Jim Hamill

A Web 2.0/Social Media evangelist, academic, author, consultant and executive trainer, Jim is widely recognised as a leading international expert on social media strategy development for building sustained customer and competitive advantage.

With over 25 years experience in e-business, Jim has successfully delivered on a broad range of consultancy assignments around the World, with clients ranging from SMEs to multinational organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, Economist Intelligence Unit, International Labor Office, European Union, Russian Foundation for SME Development and others. He has held Visiting Professorships or delivered Senior Executive Programmes in the US, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, China, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Iceland, Malta, Russia and the UAE. Author of several books and numerous papers, he is a fully accredited EU Expert on ICT/e-Business strategy. A very experienced academic, business consultant and management educator providing clients with the ‘Customer Led 360 Vision, Strategy and Action’ essential for success in a dynamic Web 2.0/Social Media environment.

Alan Stevenson

With a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from the Univeristy of Strathclyde Business School, Alan has over ten years experience working at the ‘coalface’ of e-business developments in the UK and internationally. He currently specialises in the development and successful implementation of Web 2.0 and Social-Media based marketing strategies for public and private sector organisations. An acknowledged expert in this area, Alan’s core competencies include – ‘Customer Led’ Social Media Strategy Development, Implementation and Performance Measurement. He is internationally recognised as an expert in Social Media Monitoring and Analytics, Strategic Marketing, Market Research, Customer Relationship Management and the Balanced Scorecard. An Associate Director of several other UK-based management consultancies, Visiting Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde and an EU approved management consultant, Alan has successfully delivered on a broad range of e-business related projects in the UK and internationally.

Alan and Jim were amongst the first to develop and successfully deliver a Social Media / Web 2.0 Continuous Professional Development Programme for Middle and Senior Managers. We support our consultancy work with a ‘crowdsourced’ e-learning community called Web2-0CPD We are also founders and managers of a professional networking community for the Global Tourism Industry called Tourism 2-0 ( – one of the first and currently one of the largest networks of its kind in the world.

Please feel free to get in touch and thank you for spending your valuable time on our site. We hope that our various posts add value to your social media activites.

Take care

Jim and Alan

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