We list below a representative sample of some recent Energise 2.0 Projects just to give you a flavour of what we do:

‘Developing Leaders for Change and Innovation in Tourism’, Malta Tourism Authority
We will be playing a lead role in the delivery of this two year, 2.5 million euro EU funded project to provide CPD training to over 1,000 senior executives and managers in the Malta Tourism Industry

‘Creating the Buzz’
Development and implementation of a social media strategy for the Merchant City, Glasgow’s ‘hidden gem’.

Cross-Platform and Social Media Marketing for the Film Industry.
Two day workshop as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival

Social Media Strategy Workshops
Recent delivery of six Social Media Awareness and Strategy Development Workshops for the Scottish Tourism, Hospitality, Food and Drink industries, with Scottish Enterprise

Social Media Guidelines
Preparation of detailed guidelines for Social Media Strategy Development, Implementation and Performance Measurement, Scottish Enterprise

Social Media Strategy Development, Talent Scotland
Development of a Social Media Strategy to promote Scotland as a place to ‘live and work’

e-Skills for Russian SMEs
EU accredited e-Skills Experts for this two year TACIS funded project to train Russian SMEs in ICT/Web Marketing

Sports Marketing 2.0
Delivery of an e-learning programme in Web Sports Marketing 2.0, University of Venice, Italy

Current Projects
Social Media Strategy Development Projects for the Scottish Food and Drink Industry, Financial Services, Tourism and others

Take care.

Jim and Alan


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