Notes on a Scandal Part 2 – Events?

News of the WorldThe next installment of Notes on a Scandal follows on from our recent posts: Notes on a Scandal Overview: An Online Monitoring Perspective and Notes on a Scandal Part 1 – Impact?

This series of posts attempts to offer a different perspective on the News of the World Phone-Hacking Scandal using free-to-use media monitoring tools.

This installment makes a connection between Events in the “phone-hacking” scandal as they unfolded.  Continue reading

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Is the Internet Re-wiring our Brains?

brain wires social media energise 2.0 Google+Thanks to Paul Daly for drawing this to my attention on Google+.

Would suggest that the video below is a ‘must watch’ for all parents, marketers, educationists and anyone involved in the information dissemination and communications industry. Is the Internet re-wiring our brains? Is it making us stupid, reducing our ability to concentrate and think analytically? Continue reading

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Nine more useful articles on Google+

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5 Ways Google+ Will Influence Search Results
5 Ways Journalists Are Using Google+
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Google+ Video

Take care


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Identifying the Do-Dos

Following on from our recent post The Way of the Do-Do we have put together a shortlist of our Do-Do’s. Do you agree with these? Can you add a few more?

As the quote below suggests, it can be foolish to attempt to devine what will come:

“The Fool Predicts The Future, Criticizes The Present And Recounts The Past”
– Shakespeare within King Lear

Putting this aside it can also be a bit of fun. Just don’t bet your house on any of these predictions coming true any time soon! Continue reading

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How Social Media Mature is your Organisation?

Social Media Maturity ModelA recently published report by Forrester Research presented a ‘Social Media Maturity Model’ identifying the process of change that most organisations go through in their adoption of social technologies. While the research was based on large organisations, the results have implications for all of us, including SMEs.

Five key stages of Social Media Maturity were identified with advice being given on how to accelerate the process of change from one stage to the next. Continue reading

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Notes on Scandal Part 1 – Impact (on online search and Twitter)

News of the WorldFollowing on from our recent article Notes on a (Phone Hacking) Scandal: an online series, we have analysed the online impact of the News of the World scandal looking at the impact on online search behaviour and Twitter using Google Trends and Topsy Analytics. See our Footnotes: Methodology for more information on how we applied these tools to this ongoing saga.

Figures 1 and 2 feature the “buzz” around the main story
Figures 3 and 4 feature the “buzz” around the main protagonists

Continue reading

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